The game will show the player is correct position of the light source and shadow, as well as the angle.

Wrong shadow and the position of the light.

How it works

The player is alerted to the vibration of the phone and finds the target. The object will transform it automatically into a 3D generated model.

Starting the game

Both the main player and the invited two parties enter the game scene and start the game at the same time.

Show the correct demonstration. The interface application of CAPTURE can accurately measure the effects of the shadow of objects and the position of the light.

The correct angle of the object to be demonstrated from the shadow should be 28 degrees. A shadow is at the edge of the next object.


Six players each have three chances in each round. If one of them can’t adjust to the light correctly with their finger, the player will be eliminated from entering the next round of the game.

If the player is unable to capture the light in the correct position, the object will deviate from the shadow angle. The shadow cast cannot reach the edge of the next object as a result, the player cannot advance to the next round of the game.

If the player can move the light to the correct position, the shadow will be cast on the edge of the next object. The faster the player is, the higher the score the player will receive. The winner will be able to collect the object and put it into their own virtual world.

Invite Friends

After the main player is prompted by the phone and captures the item, he can invite nearby players to join him in the challenge at any time and any place.